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For best results please follow these simple instructions while applying our collagen + serum.


1. Preparation of the skin.

The skin should be thoroughly cleansed before applying the collagen + serum . Other body care products, such as tonic, masks, creams (if previously used) should be fully removed, skin should be washed thoroughly, then rinsed with clean water and should not be dried off. It is important that collagen + is applied onto a wet skin. Collagen has hygroscopic properties, while being absorbed into the skin - it brings down moisture from the skin surface into the dermis, therefor it should be applied onto a wet skin. Not removing body care products entirely (soap, tonic, etc.) may cause a mild tingling sensation if collagen + serum is applied afterwards.



2. Application of collagen+ gel.

Please apply a small amount of collagen+ gel (excessive amount may cause stinging sensation, collagen will not be absorbed entirely and will remain on the skin in a form of a dry layer). While applying the gel gently pat into the skin with your fingertips, do not rub. Collagen + is suitable to be applied to all parts of the body, including the delicate skin around eyes. Wait until it is completely absorbed into the skin, approximately 15 minutes (the time depends on the properties of skin and the amount of gel applied.) A feeling of pulled skin is a normal effect of using a collagen.



3. Applying a cream.

Taking into account strong hygroscopic properties of collagen, it is recommended that after application and absorption (approximately 15 minutes after) a moisturizing cream or lotion is applied. It will eliminate the tension feeling on epidermis and will equalize its level of hydration. It is important to use a cream / lotion which does not contain fruit acids, ceramides, retinol, zinc, these components may weaken the collagen structure and may cause adverse effects when combined with collagen: redness, tingling sensation, scaling and flaking of the remains of unabsorbed collagen.



4. Additional information.

Visible results of using our collagen + serum are noticeable after two or three weeks of regular use of our product. It is recommended to use the gel twice a day in the morning and in the evening. After applying the collagen + serum, do not expose the skin to high or low temperatures and the sun.

If excessive amount of serum is applied at once, it will result in scaling of the product, if this occurs, please reduce the amount of gel applied.

A feeling of pulled skin is a normal effect of collagen use. A tingling sensation on the skin may be a result of not fully removing previously used body care products (soap, tonic, etc.) before applying the gel.